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Chapter Nine Hmmm, heaven was built on spicy Szechwan chicken. Michelle popped the last bite into her mouth and sat back on the couch, her hand on her flat stomach. She had changed clothing before sit

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The note arrived by a young messenger at her apartment around midday. "Four o'clock, No.12 Rue de St. Antoine, upstairs", was the curt message. Bold strokes on fine linen paper. The simple signature w

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Athens. Spring in the air. A spring in my steps. A feeling of promise. I didn't yet know that Tina was there, of course, but maybe some part of my subconscious astral niceguy rhinoceros aura felt that

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Chapter 23 When April woke again, the sun was rising. That meant she slept for over eighteen hours. Every muscle in her body was sore, but especially between her legs and nipples. Her soreness felt ex

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Chapter 2 - Champagne Dreams When I stirred and began to wake, I felt the warmth of Janie pressed into me. We had fallen asleep holding one another and it was a wonderful sensation. She hummed and sti

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Chapter 12. 'Faithless Filipinas.' The Cheap Charlie life. Cherry pop choices. Nick's next offer. Foreign husband murdered. Hu-Fan's unicorn. When they met next day, Nick suggested that they go to his

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I had originally intended this to be a two part story, But I got so caught up in it that it begged to be told in one part. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. ***** Lieutenant M

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This is part four of our story. While it can be enjoyed individually, reading previous chapters may help you to get to know Margot and Jay better. We join our story in progress - Margot, a beautiful H

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Chapter Forty Four Cassie was not needed during Ged's first night home, and on Friday morning they both slept late and awoke groggy, with a dawning sense of giddiness that they were truly back togethe

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Kirsty leaned her head into her palms. She was so tired that she was tempted to actually lay it on her desk for a brief nap. If she did though, she feared she might be late for her final appointment o

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Nicole and I had met for dinner that week. I guess you could call it our first date. It certainly was the first time we met just to spend time together, with no sex and no partying planned. We met at

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I wrote this ten years ago, so it's long overdue for another outing. It's mostly a romance with only a smattering of sex, so if it's the latter you want, maybe try my stories in the Incest section. **


So was all of this just to "get back at daddy"? No! I was not bitter about what they did or how they treated me... I was just sad. At the time I felt as though my family hated me and anyone that I tri


I couldn't sleep at all that night. I broke my sister's heart, the woman I love. I was going to lose her forever if she didn't forgive me, and I just realized that I was willing to commit to her, to b

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Hey guys, Thank you for the positive response and all the encouraging comments, it's the reason I am attempting to continue this story. I am still a beginner, so constructive criticism is always welco

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Even her name bespoke of a girl most guys would normally ignore: Ellen Goldfarb. It was a plain Jane's name at best, a hag's at worst. Ellen Goldfarb was no hag, but nobody would ever call her pretty,

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Chapter 05 -- The lull - - - Author's note: This chapter contains a lot less out right sex then the previous chapters, and some very important plot. There is a bit of sexiness though and I hope you en

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This is my first story here, and as such started off as something that would be quick and easy and exploded from there. Please feel free to comment, all opinions are welcome. ***** She was beautiful,

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This is another installment of the Ron Webber series. It picks up after "Double Elimination" and continues with the characters and circumstances of DE. I wrote this as a much requested continuation. C

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Rosangela woke to discover the sun peeking through the drawn blinds just behind the large bed. Her eyes were aimed upward, focused on the cracks of morning sunlight. Her eyes shifted down, caught glim


Dennis Eames knew what he was getting in to when he married his beautiful Jennifer Jean. From the outset, she had been completely honest with him and he, in turn, had never hidden the truth from his f

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"I think that's the last of them," Cheryl said as she followed her daughter into her cramped dorm room. She was glad she still stayed in shape after all these years. She pitied how her husband Doug co

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CHAPTER 5 - CAIRO FOR BEGINNERS A one dog night with a semi-tantric morning. It was my first time on an airplane. Tina had flown about a million times before and tried to scare me with blatant lies ab

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Author's note: A reader enjoyed my treatment of stories based on the experience of others and asked me to write about her. This is her story. ***** Craving for Love and Sex The nymph inside is release

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Chris "Looks like someone had a fun weekend," my student teacher offered me by way of greeting as I came into the classroom. Instinctively, I covered my neck with my hand. Julian had left me with more

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Don't take this one too seriously. It's just a fun Halloween story. It's a long one so you might want to wait for just the right dark and stormy evening in front of the fireplace with a good beer to r

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I am so sorry as always. I had some pretty rough reviews so I almost decided not to continue the story. However, I wanted to know how this would play out. Some people don't like the drama...but the pl

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Disclaimer: This story deals with Cuckolding, Incest, and impregnation. Please do not continue if any of these subjects offend you. This is a work of fiction, meant to be enjoyed. Please click back if

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I think my muse for this one was 'Citizens' by Alice Russell from "The Blacklist" soundtrack, but I can't remember! I'm calling this chapter Strive to Destruction. Little bit of angst, little bit of f

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Those lyrics played back in her head driving up to the trail head.. "Yeah I'm chilling on a dirt road, Laid back swervin' like I'm George Jones, Smoke rollin' out the window, An ice cold beer sittin'

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